Custom Process

MaryJane has many years of experience with custom orders. Feel free to ask about an idea or inspiration!

You may have a special place or a flower or a pet which you’d like as the subject or background for a printed piece of

washable fabric or pillow. We can discuss the range of possibilities! If it’s possible, we’d be happy to use your photo as subject

matter. There’s examples of the custom pet pillows we’ve created.


For more ideas of custom pieces follow the links on the Additional Links page to see more of MaryJane's artwork for inspiration.

In order to make a custom order please contact us through the Contact page in order to get a quote.

Some times it’s not possible or won’t print well. We’ll be honest and do our best.

About colors: remember that everyone’s computer screens are different. If color specifity is extremely important we ask you

send a print on paper or color chips by snail mail.

Requests are always hard but sometimes just not possible!

Please leave at least 4-6 weeks for creative time, though it's often possible to do faster.

Pricing structure is per piece. 50% non-refundable deposit.

If we don’t think it’s possible to make a great piece we won’t take the deposit.