About the Artist

MaryJane Sarvis graduated from Bennington College majoring in painting, printmaking and ceramics. Growing up with a passion for Matisse and the many other colorists who involved textiles in their paintings, she chose to continue her evolution as an artist by developing her own unique methods of applying paint and dye to silks andvelvets. 

        Along with designing for a few major labels beginning in 1986, she also grew her own fine art couture business. Her work is in numerous prestigious collections in the USA and around the globe.  She's been featured in several publications including Ornament Magazine, with mentions in the NY Times and The Guardian. MaryJane has been involved in numerous shows and exhibits over a 30 year career. She's best known for her knowledge and command of colour. 

       Always enjoying photography for both business and pleasure, MaryJane began explorations into using photography combined with painting and printmaking to develop her own whole new visual language. She then learned to further process and blend her imagery digitally. Infinite possibilities became the new mantra. The images are printed on silk, bamboo, cottons, linen and fine watercolour papers. A myriad of uses are possible with thesenew textile printing techniques, including bags, lamps, pillows, clothing and more.

Mary Jane works in her studio in the Vermont hills where she lives with her daughter, 2 cats and a dog.


About our Process

 Processes and Fabrics  

I have spent my whole career investigating and then producing the highest quality dyed and printed fabrics possible.  Some items are made with a combination of techniques.

We use reactive dyes and then steam the fabrics which sets the color, making it brilliant, super soft and non fading.  Pigment based dyes are more common and much less work but not nearly as wonderful.  We use a large assortment of silks, velvets and rayons.  Linen is coming next.  

About Digitally printed fabrics-


 The imagery may be any combination of photography, digital painting, hand painting, collage, photographs of block printed and painted pieces blended together in both worlds.  Each image is made over some time until it’s ripe and ready to print.  I often create several images which relate to each other in a group and are then sizedand designed to become the object desired.  

About our one of a kind pieces -

I always begin with pure white silk or velvet, prepped.  For the hand painted silk pieces I block print with an individually chosen grouping of our hand cut blocks.  The grouping always changes, so never to become predictable, but also to tell the story of the particular inspiration of the moment.  I then set the metallic inks once they're dry. Finest quality hand mixed dyes are applied by brush. He dyes are mixed and chosen per piece as well.  The piece is dried, steam set at 212’, fixed, then washed, dried and finally pressed.

Silk velvets are usually vat dyed in small batches, with my own time tested recipes. The blocks are chosen individually in the same manor as when printing silk. The velvet is steamed.

Then the construction begins. 

 All of our work is constructed here in Vermont.  Pam is head stitcher and product design manager.


All of our work is hand dyed, printed and hand sewn here in Vermont. We make every possible effort to represent the colors as they are but as we all know every computer screen is different.  Please be aware that you may receive a piece that is possibly a bit different than you expected.  As it's impossible to calibrate all monitors trust that the artist has made the best possible color choice.

Cleaning-Dry clean is best, safest and easiest. 

Emergency cleaning-(or if you are not into dry cleaning) - Put the silk in a bucket of water or a gentle cycle in washing machine. Agitate lightly by hand preferably or machine for only a few minutes. Use a splash of dish detergent like Joy. (not Woolite or the like) - switch to spin cycle for long enough to lose the water very well and put into dryer immediately.  Dry for only a few minutes.  Press if you'd like.  The only way any dye might travel is if you leave it sitting in a wet pile for a while, so the rule is a quick light wash and spin and dry! Please only do this method with our silks.  We prewash and prepare the silks.  Most manufacturers do not make washable silk!!

Silk only gets better with wear.  Silk, being protein, washes beautifully and stains often come out easily.

Ordering - Most orders will be filled and shipped within 3-4 days. Depending on items and production up to 2 weeks.  If it's a rush let us know and we'll do our best.  We'll let you know how fast we can make and ship.

Exchanges and Returns - We are happy to exchange your items and/or give you credit for future purchases.

Please notify us by email or contact page if you'd like to return or exchange.

Custom Designs- We will take custom orders via this site. We have done a huge range of custom specialty items from small ring bearer wedding pillows to full room designs including bedspreads, canopies and pillows to name a few. We reserve the right to accept or deny custom orders after discussing with the client.  Custom orders can't be returned or exchanged.  We will only do custom work via telephone or email.  Start with the contact page if you'd like. Custom work usually takes 4-6 weeks or longer if it's a big job or room.

Privacy - All information submitted to this site is kept private and will only be used with regards to your orders.  We also do not retain your payment info for future use.